When she spoke to community groups about her own experience transitioning from high school to college as a student with Autism, Hallie Hovey-Murray found herself struggling to answer the question posed by many audience members: What resources are there dealing specifically with the transition to college? Are there any ways to prepare my child? Sadly, post-secondary education is not discussed enough for students on the Spectrum, and students aren't given the tools they need to be successful. Studies show that only 32-39% of the college students on the Autism Spectrum graduate within 6 years.


1 in 59 Americans are on the Autism Spectrum, and yet only 17% of these students will attend college. Studies show that only 32-39% of the college students on the Autism Spectrum graduate within 6 years. 1 in 68 hopes to change that, through programming, scholarships and working to end misconceptions about Autism.

And so, the idea behind The 1 in 68 Foundation was born. With a purpose to help serve individuals on the Autism Spectrum as they transition from high-school to post-secondary education, we are a volunteer led group focused on equipping these remarkably talented students with the tools they need to be successful. We offer workshops, scholarships for middle- graduate level students and test prep courses free of cost to students on the spectrum. To connect with us or for more information about our programs, please email onein68foundation@gmail.com



Hallie Hovey-Murray is a disability advocate, speaker and author of the self-published book “Overcoming Expectations” about her experiences as a young woman on the Autism Spectrum. She is currently a third-year law student at William and Mary School of Law and president of the One in 68 Foundation, a Richmond based 501(c)(3) which works to help provide college prepatory resources for highschool students on the Autism Spectrum. At William and Mary, she was president of the Children’s Advocacy Law Society, a Leadership Fellow and a Member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Team. She currently holds the title of Miss Historic Hanover, and competed at the Miss Virginia 2018 Pageant where she won the Empowered Women Scholarship. She uses her platform as Miss Historic Hanover to speak to groups across the Commonwealth about the importance of creating a more inclusive and accepting world for Students on the Autism Spectrum.

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