SAT Prep Courses: Only $20 for a two day course  for students on the Autism Spectrum, our SAT Prep courses help to combat test anxiety and have a special education teacher to work with students who need specialized help or accommodations. Please check back for future dates.

College Life Workshops: These workshops work specifically with students to educate them on specific things to help them live successfully in college on campus or independently. College Life Workshops are free of charge to groups, and can cover topics like dorm living, study skills and adopting healthy habits.

Public Workshops- Our first public college workshop will be held in Richmond, Virginia in the Fall/Winter of 2018. Please check back for specific dates.

Sponsored Events:

- Silent Night- A Sensory Friendly Dance hosted by the Miss Abilities Organization

Student Scholarships-

We offer a limited amount of need-based scholarships for high school students on the Autism Spectrum to access educational programming  that will help them to further their academic or career goals. Please email for more information.

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