The One in 68 Foundation is proud to offer a scholarship fund for students grades 8- Graduate School who are diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum; who reside in the Commonwealth of Virginia and who have demonstrable need.

The One in 68 Scholarship Fund can be used for programs which benefit the education of students on the Autism Spectrum; including, but not limited to: Arts programs; Pre-College Programs; private school programs (grades 8-12); social skills courses; summer camps; and other programs and activities which benefit the needs of the individual students. The One in 68 Foundation will directly deposit all scholarship monies to the program requested if the scholarship request is granted.

The One in 68 Foundation also offers an annual scholarship fund which is to be directed for post-secondary educational use; including, but not limited to: Four-Year college programs; two-year Community College Programs; and other post-secondary educational programs. The Post-Secondary Fund will be distributed in June of the calendar year of application; and it is within the board's discretion to distribute the fund accordingly. For Calendar Year 2019; the Post-Secondary Education Scholarship fund is approximately $2,000. The board may distribute this fund based upon the applications received.  

The decision to grant scholarships, and what amount of money to grant; rests solely within the discretion of the Board of the One in 68 Foundation; and with any additional scholarship committee selection members. The Scholarship fund is reviewed on a rolling basis based on the amount of money in the fund. Students may reapply for the fund; but only after a period of (6) months. 

The One in 68 Foundation Scholarship Fund is granted through an application process. Applying and meeting the requirements does not guarantee the request will be granted; the ability to grant or deny applications rests solely with the board of the One in 68 Foundation and will be done on the basis of need; the details of the request and the amount of money in the scholarship fund.  For more information and to apply; please email

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